Huw Powell
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HUW POWELL is a children’s author with an overactive
and uncompromising imagination.

He was born in Bristol in 1976 during the hottest
summer on record and grew up in the village of Pill in
North Somerset, where he wrote his first stories for family
and friends.

At school, his best subjects were Literature and Art,
which he went on to study at University.

Huw started writing while working in London, where he
often wrote on trains and in cafes using a pen and notepad.

His Spacejackers series launched in July 2014 with positive reviews. The first book was shortlisted for the Teach Primary’s ‘New Children’s Fiction Award’ 2015 and it was Literature Works ‘Book of the Month’ in August 2014.

Huw now lives in Portishead with his wife and two energetic sons. When he’s not writing, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Huw Powell