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Literature Works ‘Book of the Month’ August 2014


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What Book Next (June 2017):
“Fantastic! Pumped with action, adventure, aliens and family betrayal, the first book in the series is perfect for thrill seekers.”

Reading Time - Australia (March 2017):
“The Pirate King is a fun space opera packing plenty of action, sharp turns and wit.”
“The battles are fast and furious with many twists, reversals and daring deeds.”
“There is a wide cast of colourful characters, and I became particularly fond of Crazy Kay Jagger, the pink-haired captain of the Divine Wind.”

Primary Times - Alex’s Reviews (February 2017):
“The Lost Sword is even better than the last book!”

AbeBooks (February 2017):
“This action-packed conclusion of the Spacejackers series is full of aliens, space monsters, gadgets, battleships and one boy’s search for his destiny.”

Fantastic Fiction (January 2017):
“Perfect for fans of Star Wars, pirates and space adventures of all shapes and sizes.”

Pendle Today (January 2017):
“It will have you gripped!”

Burnley Express (January 2017):

“Adventure loving young readers will relish this book… it’s a great story.”

Mr Ripley’s Enchanted Books (January 2017):
“Prepare for blast-off with the explosive third book… this has been one of my favourite on-going series.”

“From start to finish the story is brilliantly engaging. It has been injected with a gravitational pull that super-charges your imagination and will capture the mind of all readers regardless of age and gender.”

“It will fill you with humour and action battles… it has a great setting full of brilliantly executed, imaginative characters as well as a wonderful plot straight from a childhood dream.”

“This is a fantastic series. In fact, it is one of the very best to keep your attention from the first book. MAGNIFTY!!!”

Books Monthly (January 2017):
“Prepare to blast-off with the explosive third book in the Spacejackers series.”

Parents In Touch (January 2017):
“An exciting, fast-moving adventure story, perfect for Star Wars fans.”

Families Online (September 2016):
“Page after page of aliens, battleships and space monsters, this book is totally awesome!”

Booklist Online (USA) (February 2016):
“As with book one, this is another raucous, pulptastic space opera, and it doesn’t disappoint.”

Joanne Hall - Hierath (November 2015):
“Tremendous fun.”
“This is an MG thrill ride … with an endearing teen hero.”

North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award (September 2015):
“This is such a great adventure story!”
“Spacejackers is a pacey, satisfying read with something for everyone. It’s magnifty!”

Read Plus (Australia) (September 2015):
“Huw Powell’s fast-paced space novel is packed full of determined pirates, greedy enemies and supportive friends.”
“The Lost Sword provides all the action, battle scenes, technology and sci-fi settings that Huw Powell’s fans love.”

Parents In Touch (July 2015):
“Jake is portrayed as a resourceful and fearless hero in this gripping and action-packed adventure.”

Kidsreads (USA) (June 2015):
“What could be better than pirate adventures in space?”
“This books is a great introduction to science fiction for young readers who love action and adventure.”

School Library Connection (USA) (May 2015):
“This suspenseful, fast-paced tale will be a hit for those who love pirates and science-fiction.”

Horn Book Magazine (USA) (May 2015):
“The colorful pirate crew and thrilling space battles establish an exciting sci-fi world.”

Booklist Magazine (USA) (May 2015):
“A fun interstellar yarn… breakneck adventures… pulptastic… or, as Jake puts it, magnifty!”

School Library Journal (USA) (May 2015):
“Nonstop adventures.”

The School Librarian - SLA Magazine (Spring 2015):
“A great action-packed read.”

Kirkus Reviews (March 2015):
“The future milieu that British author Powell imagines is interesting and has potential.”
“For young readers in need of a starter space opera.”

Primary Times - Alex’s Reviews (January 2015):
“I give Spacejackers 10 out of 10 … I can’t wait for the next book!”

Speculative Fiction Hub (December 2014):
“Spacejackers is a fun swashbuckling adventure that children of all ages will enjoy.”
“The characters are engaging… its worlds and solar systems are beautiful and its space ports are gritty and nefarious.”
“I can imagine many children thoroughly loving this book.”

Dad.Info (November 2014):
“Think Treasure Island meets Star Wars (with a touch of Pirates of the Caribbean thrown in for good measure) and you’ll guess how much fun and entertainment this debut offers.”

Book Zone (October 2014):
“We are at the start of a renaissance for children’s stories set in space. Spacejackers is delivered at a pace that will keep even the most reluctant of readers wanting to read well past their bedtime. We need more books like this.”

Teach Primary Magazine (October 2014):
“Huw Powell’s debut children’s book offers enough danger, destiny-seeking and defiance to satisfy readers who are used to the high standards already set by the stylish pacey prose of Riordan, Colfer et al.”
“Great characters, a compelling plot and sharp writing; roll on the rest of the series.”

Joanne Hall - Hierath (September 2014):
“This is a massively entertaining novel.”
“It’s tremendous fun… a book that would appeal to reluctant young readers.”

The Star Online (September 2014):
“For children who complain that reading can be boring, Spacejackers tackles that head on… Powell doesn’t waste words.”
“Have a young nephew? Spacejackers could be the book that turns him into a lifelong reader.”

WRD About Books magazine (September 2014):
“One to Watch.”

Mr Ripley’s Enchanted Books (August 2014):
“A cracking action-packed debut from Huw Powell.”
“A fast paced page turner… that will have the reader lapping up the pages.”
“This is a great interstellar delight full of exciting adventures for the young and old.”

Primary Times (North Somerset Edition - July 2014):
“A Cutler Above.”

Reader Comments:
“I was desperate to know what happened next.”
Kaspar (age 12)
“I would recommend it to all of my friends.” Freddie (age 10)
“I’ve read all of your books and really enjoyed them. I said to myself, I want to be a space pirate.” Will (age 10)
“I would give it 10/10 excellent.” Jake (age 9)
“I really enjoyed the book because of the sense of adventure.” Jonah (age 9)
“I cannot wait for the next book.” Joe (age 9)
“Having just finished the audio book, I am compelled to say what a job well done! I am very pleased with the uncomplicated and positive tone of the story. I was well engaged throughout and it leaves me with a feeling that the future is somehow brighter. Few stories achieve that for me. Please continue the series. I will certainly buy the next instalment.” Philip (age 54)

“A great action-packed read.”
“It’s tremendous fun.”
“Breakneck adventures.”

Finalist for
Teach Primary
‘New Children’s Fiction Awards’